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Whether you desire a cozy living area, a functional workshop, or a harmonious blend of both, the versatility of a barndominium, whether metal or pole barn-based, offers endless opportunities for customization and creativity. There are three distinct styles of barndominiums, see below to learn more about their unique features.


A barndominium offers multiple construction options, including starting from scratch with a metal building, repurposing an existing barn, or opting for a pole barn conversion. The beauty of a pole barn lies in its sturdy metal framework, which can be seamlessly integrated into the design, ensuring durability and structural integrity. With its rectangular foundation, the floorplans are highly customizable, allowing for the creation of various rooms and spaces.

Three Distinct Styles of Barndominiums

Here at Fry Design Co, we can take your basic barn and turn it into your perfect dream home.

Do you have a design concept drawn on a napkin? Do not worry - our designers can take your barndominium design and work with you throughout the design process to bring that design to life. Have a budget that you want to stick within - our designers can help you create a barndominium to fit any budget.