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Inspiring Future Owners Of Custom Designed Built Homes To Understand and Appreciate The Value Of Home Design

Fry Design Co. and Why #DesignMatters

We are Fry Design Company. This is what we're all about: inspiring future owners of custom-designed and built homes to understand and appreciate the value of luxury home design.

Our Mission and Values

Throughout my 30+ year career in designing homes and commercial spaces, my over-arching goal has been to deliver the perfect design solution to each client’s own specific, challenging, and personal building needs. Much of that has been in commercial building design, including office buildings, schools, and churches — but nowhere does it really affect the human condition as much as working with one family and their home. I have learned that nowhere is design more important than when given the gift and responsibility of designing a family’s new dream home.

Home Design Isn't Cost-Prohibitive

Most people rule out hiring a design professional to design their home due to industry misconceptions that it is cost-prohibitive, too time-consuming, or the belief that we “over-design," meaning we are incapable of designing within a set budget. All of these are gross over-statements, if not pure myths, about design. I argue the opposite, in fact. As the owner of Fry Design Co., I argue that good design is much more cost-effective, saves time, and virtually eliminates cases of buyer’s remorse. I cannot speak for every design office, but those are the goals we set forth with every design commission we receive. Our thoughtful process includes learning everything we can about the homeowner — their needs, aspirations, dreams, and desires. This leads our home design process to fully deliver a house design solution that meets those objectives, as well as remain within budget and on a timely schedule. We, as designers, have the same access to cost and scheduling information — therefore, it is an integral part of our design process. That is the essence of good design and this is exactly why #designmatters!

Let Us Be Your Home Design Resource

This introduction to our practice is meant not only to introduce who we are as it is to encourage those of you who are considering a custom home in the future to call upon us as a resource. We want you to learn as much as you can about the custom home industry so that your future project is a success. At Fry Design Co., we will seek to educate, encourage, and inspire you along your individual journey. We also hope you will follow the journeys of many of our clients and learn from their experiences and challenges. But most of all, we hope that you will learn and appreciate the value of competent and creative custom home design. We hope that you will understand fully what good design is and be more aware of poor design and how it can cost you time, money, and frustration.

A custom home designed just for you should be one of those crown jewels of your life. It should be as unique as you yourself. It should fit your needs perfectly today as it would in twenty years. It should be your refuge, your comfort, and your place of peace. Achieving all of this is why #designmatters, and why it is so very important to us. Contact us today to get started on designing your dream home!